About Us

KDH Management Pty Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “KDH”) was formed by Kevin (Clarrie) Harrison and Donna Harrison in 2001 to provide specialist management services to owners and operators of tourist/holiday/caravan parks.

The tourist/holiday/caravan park industry within Australia and internationally has been undergoing significant development. In Australia there are 2685 tourist/holiday/caravan parks with some 8% of the population owning caravans, camper trailers or motor homes.

This growth has also bought with it many changed dynamics to the operation of tourist/holiday/caravan parks which has resulted in operators needing to possess a broad range of professional park management capabilities. For example, the tourist/holiday/caravan park visitor expectation has evolved from wanting basic (and clean) facilities to one where a broad range of quality resort style facilities and experience are available within the tourist/holiday/caravan park and the destination in which he park isolated.

This means that tourist/holiday/caravan park operators need a specialist range of capabilities not only in park management, but also broader destination knowledge and networks to offer services that the modern traveller finds attractive.