Company Profile

KDH Management Pty Ltd has developed significant organizational capabilities. These capabilities include the efficient and effective tourist/holiday/caravan park management and operation as well as establishing networks and building their destination knowledge to enable them to provide a broad range of professional tourist park services targeted to the modern tourist/holiday/caravan park visitor. The provision of the specialist management services is provided within the context of providing an acceptable return on the asset to owners while providing excellent customer service to the travelling public. This is achieved by being in tune with emerging trends, technologies and issues within the tourist park industry.

KDH Management Pty Ltd tourist/holiday/caravan park management philosophy includes:

  • Provision of excellent customer service through a friendly and welcoming style;
  • Efficient operational performance to ensure the presentation of a high quality product to customers;
  • Efficient operational performance to ensure an appropriate return on the asset to property owners; and
  • The provision of a safe and stimulating work environment for employees.