Our Services

KDH manages tourist/holiday/caravan parks for governing bodies across Queensland and New South Wales. KDH Management Pty Ltd aims as a priority to ensure that operation of the park complies with the various contractual and legislative requirements, but also to ensure that the style and standards of operation are consistent with a contemporary quality tourism and hospitality product and experience for customers.

This will include providing the appropriate definition of customer service standards for the park and complemented by the appropriate staff training and education to ensure that these standards are applied effectively.

Positive and memorable customer experiences will ensure that the park brand is well known and viewed positively within the market. In addition, property appearance and cleanliness standards will be strictly applied to ensure that product standards are consistent with customer expectations.

These standards will be achieved by the appropriate documentation and systemization of day-to-day operations and maintenance tasks to ensure timely, accurate and quality completion. In addition to these planned approaches, KDH Management Pty Ltd plans and meets with representatives from governing bodies to identify any areas of concern or priority and include where appropriate those elements to ensure that high standards of operation are achieved.


services-teamworkIn conjunction with the site manager, manage and direct the tourist/holiday/caravan park operation to achieve optimum operational performance and effective use of business assets and human resources.



services-leadershipProvide leadership to the property management team in the development of operational procedures, controls, marketing, customer service, information services, human resources management and organisational culture.



services-governanceProvide the property owner with the comprehensive information, analysis and timely advice on all relevant matters affecting the property operation under the contact. In accordance with the proposed contract, KDH Management Pty Ltd and/or its principals will hold the necessary insurances, licenses and permits for the compliant operation of the property.